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Hello everyone and welcome back!
Today we will be looking at a more technical subject, not completely unlike in the last post, but not as intricate either. Today’s subject will be the use of auto-trades. So let’s break it down to the following questions:

What are auto-trades?

As you may or may not know, we at Circlewise use the Target Circle platform for affiliate marketing. The technologically advanced platform has many great features that make it easy to use for both us at Circlewise and our clients and publishers as well. There are, however, some differences between this platform and the “usual affiliate platforms”. The main difference is that Target Circle pushes the offers (aka “campaigns” in many networks) to the publisher instead of forcing the publisher to apply to join an offer. This means that when the advertiser selects which publishers should be part of their offer, the publisher will see this immediately in their interface and can begin promoting said offer immediately. As part of this, the advertiser can also set up an auto-trade. This means that the advertiser selects the criteria for the publishers and then the system automatically gives the publishers who fit the criteria access to the offer.

How to use them?

To use an auto-trade, the advertiser or account manager simply needs to create one in the offer section of the platform. The use of auto-trades is made really easy – You select the criteria for the publisher (e.g. what type of publisher vertical, which country the traffic is from, etc.) and then issue the auto-trade. Once this is done, the platform takes care of the rest and opens the offer to all publishers that fit the criteria, new and old. 

Why do you use them?

Simplicity, efficiency, and coverage. This is the very simple answer to this question. By using auto-trades the advertiser can very quickly give access to all the relevant publishers and this also saves a lot of time in sifting and pre-screening publishers. By having the auto-trade engaged the advertiser can also be sure that all the new, relevant, publishers that fit the set criteria automatically are able to promote the offer, thus making sure that all relevant traffic is constantly able to promote the advertiser’s offer. More relevant high-quality traffic = more conversions.


As you can see, the use of auto-trades is something we strongly recommend. “But what if wrong publishers are able to promote my offer?” you may ask. This is a good question and indeed, we will also always recommend to keep an eye on your traffic, just as our account managers will do for you. The risk, however, is rather small and even if there would be some unwanted traffic you are always able to fix this at a later stage as an advertiser. From experience, however, I can say that there are few to no issues with using auto-trades and that the benefits in saved time and maximised potential always outweigh the risks. 

So! Make sure to talk to your account manager about auto-trades and how to use them if you aren’t using this feature already. You really do not want to miss out on relevant traffic that will bring your offer more conversions. As always, feel free to reach out to us or me if you have any questions or comments regarding this or anything else. Until next time!

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