Learn all the tips and tricks of using our platform to achieve your targets


1. Branding for publishers

A short guide to branding for publishers

2. Adding new Ad inventories

How to add new Ad Inventories to your Publisher account

3. Adding new users

A short guide to adding new users

4. Finding the right offers

How to find the right offers in your partner marketplace

5. Tracking links & ads

How to generate tracking links and ads in your publisher interface

6. Generating deeplinks

How to generate deeplinks in your publisher interface

7. Postback URL's

How to set up postback URLs in your publisher interface

8. Publisher panel

A short guide to the publisher panel


1. Branding

How to adjust your interface to your brand

2. Targeting

Learn about various targeting options

3. Tracking configuration

Learn about the tracking configuration of your offer

4. Pricing

How to setup the pricing for your offer


Adding new users

A short guide to adding new users