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Insights about the adult toy industry

Today we’re publishing an interview with Mikko Rosen, CEO of Kaalimato – Finland’s leading online store in erotics. 

Who is your average customer (age, gender, any other data if possible)?

Since we are not gathering customer data (they prefer to do purchases anonymously), and more and more people do purchases in incognito mode, it is impossible to say who are buying.

Has the pandemic had an impact on your business?

The pandemic has had a positive impact on our business. Together with increased and better marketing, the impact has been significant. Lack of social encounters and staying at home (single or together with your spouse) has led to “spicing things up” in the bedroom.

Is there something specific or innovative in your marketing and customer acquisition?

We have listened to our customers and done more marketing regarding products for males and couples. Also renewing our marketing materials extremely frequently.

Are Finns more open to new things in bed than 10 years ago (according to your experience with customers and orders)?

Definitely yes. Since this topic is discussed more than ever in the newspapers etc, this is no longer considered as taboo compared for example 5 years ago. What products people are buying also leads to a conclusion that people are more openminded and ready/willing to try new sort of toys in the bedroom (bdsm, anal, toys for couples, male toys).

Are Finns buying sex toys more often online than offline?

By far yes. Even though people speak more about their experiences with sex toys, they are also happy that these purchases can be done easily from home without losing their anonymity. Furthermore, there aren’t that many good physical stores in Finland. By ordering from an online-store you have the possibility to receive the shipment wherever you prefer, and within 1-2days.

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