It is very simple!

You trigger a win-win partnership and benefit from the result.
The only thing you need to do is to consult us beforehand and introduce us to your business partners who are interested. If this leads to a partnership with us, you get your reward.

What's Your Reward?

After three months of cooperation, we will pay you the Gross Profit of the best performing month after the client pays the invoice to us.

The Conditions Are Simple

What we need from you is only a personal introduction of a client, using any preferred method. You will not be asked to participate in a sales call and negotiations with a client – we do everything from scheduling and conducting calls, to helping the clients to get started and converting them to existing customers. 

However, in order to qualify the lead, prior consulting with us is needed to ensure we are not yet in contact with them. An existing personal connection of you and the referred advertiser is highly welcome as well as any help from your side in signing up and converting the clients.

Geo Europe & Africa.

Ready to start?

Please contact us in your preferred way.

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