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“The Polish e-commerce market is one of the fastest-growing in Europe. The Ecommerce turnover increased by 30% in 2020 and now stands at EUR 15 billion. At the same time, it is still only 12% of the total retail sales, so we can surely expect further growth.

  • Experts estimate online shopping sales in Poland of approx. EUR 20 bn in 2023, which is an increase of more than 30%
  • 26% of Polish e-consumers already buy in foreign online shops
  • and upcoming European VAT regulations will increase this number
  • 24% of all e-commerce in Europe is already cross-border Poles most often buy clothes, shoes, and beauty products online.

Running an e-commerce business means that you are most likely already experienced in digital marketing and know what works best for your online shop. You are able to expand a large part of your sales focused marketing activities (like Facebook and Google) to the Polish market on your own.

You should, however, be aware of some local specifics that make the expansion more challenging and are crucial if you want to gain Polish customers. We point out some marketing channels you should consider to conquer the Polish market.”

Paweł Lebiedziński

Paweł Lebiedziński

General Manager CEE

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